Juliana was born in Buenos Aires, where she took dance classes and did rhythmic gymnastics from an early age. In her teenage years, her passion for jazz dance was sparked and she also studied ballet. Following this, she worked as a dance teacher for children and adults at the renowned dance studio "Noemí Cohelo and Rodolfo Olguín" in Buenos Aires.

At the age of 18, she fell in love with tango dancing and since 2012 she has dedicated herself to professional dancing and teaching. She has participated in international tango festivals in various cities around the world, held seminars, and been invited to shows in Denmark, Italy, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Russia and Turkey.

In addition to her career as a dancer, Juliana has a degree in politics and cultural administration.


Geboren wurde Santiago in Buenos Aires und interessierte sich schon im frühen Alter für Musik und Kampfkunst. Er trainierte auf höherem Niveau das „Wing Chung System“ und seitdem wuchs kontinuierlich seine Liebe für das Unterrichten von Bewegungskünsten. Im Jahre 2000 begann er mit dem Tango tanzen und war seither in der Lage, seine Leidenschaft für Bewegung und Musik zu vereinen. Parallel zu seinem Tangotraining, lernte er Ballett, Contemporary Dance und weitere Strömungen, wie Luftakrobatik und Pantomime.

He had the opportunity to work in companies such as "Señor Tango" or "Brenda Angiel's Aerial Dance Company" and was also part of the classical ballet of the province of Salta in Argentina and the dance theater in Görlitz, Germany.

He continued to work as a dancer and dance teacher in various cities around the world, such as Buenos Aires, Tokyo, London and Berlin, where he has been living since 2011 and where he founded his own dance school.

In addition to his career as a dancer, Santiago completed a degree in Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires and is a licensed psychotherapist in Germany (psychodynamic psychotherapy TP).